[council] Appointment of NCA to Houses

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Thu Oct 15 12:56:27 UTC 2009

I have a point of clarification.  Did "negotiate to a common acceptable
position on the placement of the NCA appointees" mean getting unanimous
support from all SGs?  As it stands, three of four SGs supported the
alternative seating arrangement proposed by the RySG.  That is very
strong support.  Are we going to let one SG block a solution that has
support from all other SGs?  I know that we do not yet come under the
new voting thresholds, but when we developed those one of the objectives
we tried to accomplish was to minimize situations where one SG would
have veto power by itself.

The idea of taking another week as I view it was to try to come up with
a seating plan that did a better job of honoring the NCA wishes.  The
RySG alternative proposal results in honoring the original choices of
two of the NCA's choices compared to the random plan, which only honors
one.  It seems unwise to rule out a solution that has very strong
support and honors more of the NCA preferences strictly on procedural or
process grounds especially considering it was essentially an ad hoc
process and not a Bylaws or Council Rules defined process.

The RySG said that the random selection was acceptable but I need to
emphasize that there was strong preference for the alternative solution
that we proposed.


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> Hi,
> Since it does not appear that the 4 SGs managed to negotiate 
> to a common acceptable position on the placement of the NCA 
> appointees, and given that a week has passed since the 
> meeting and the decision to give the council a week to try 
> and find another acceptable solution to the lottery, I 
> believe that we are now in the position of accepting the 
> results of the lottery and allowing the 3 NCAs to start 
> participating with their houses on the decisions concerning 
> candidates for the chair position.
> Thus, the NCA are allocated according to the following list 
> as determined by the lottery:
> Terry Davis - Contracted Parties House
> Olga Cavalli - Non Contracted Parties House Andrei Kolesnikov 
> - Non Voting Seat
> I will be writing up the process followed and notifying the 
> Board and the Nomcom leadership of these results later today.
> Thank you.
> a.

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