[council] Council wide Nominations are closed - Part 2 Each House determines a Candidate

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Oct 15 13:23:51 UTC 2009

Avri, unless I am reading this incorrectly, you 
are saying that winning requires a 60% vote, but 
that if all members are not present, then there 
must be an absentee vote. If a candidate gets 60% 
of the entire group by counting just those 
present, why is there a need to delay accepting that result?


At 15/10/2009 03:23 AM, Avri Doria wrote:

>I wanted to ad a few more details to this part of the process.
>On 15 Oct 2009, at 08:01, Glen de Saint Géry wrote:
> >
> > For this election, the voting will take place at the public Council
> > meeting in Seoul on Wednesday, 28 October 2009.
> >
> > Avri Doria, current GNSO Council chair, will serve as non-voting
> > chair of the bicameral Council meeting on 28 October until such time
> > as a new chair is elected, at which time the new chair will assume
> > the chair responsibilities.
> >
> > If an absentee ballot is required to complete the chair's election,
> > this will be a 24 hour ballot scheduled to end on 29 October. If no
> > chair has been elected by the end of the Annual meeting on 30
> > October, the vice-chairs will assume the chair responsibilities as
> > defined in the Bylaws and a runoff will be scheduled as determined
> > in the Council Procedures.
> >
> > The winning candidate needs 60% of the votes of each house.
> >
> > The Council shall inform the Board and the Community appropriately
> > and post the election results on the GNSO website within 2 business
> > days following the election.
> >
> > In the event that the GNSO Council has not elected a GNSO Council
> > Chair by the end of the previous Chair's term, the Vice-Chairs will
> > serve as Interim GNSO Co-Chairs until a successful election can be
> > held.
>Since this election will be done in the meeting, I am planning to hold
>it as an open vote via a roll call.  This will be the second major
>item on the agenda, after a vote on any amendments to the proposed
>Operating Procedures the new Operating Procedures as possibly amended.
>I am hoping that all of the council members will be available for the
>vote, either in person or via remote communications, so that the
>election can be completed on the Wednesday, even if it needs to go to
>two rounds.  If we do not have everyone available for the call, then
>we will need to go a 24 hour absentee ballot on each round.  This
>means that the first round would not end until Thursday morning.  If
>necessary we could schedule a second round for Thursday, though we
>would then need to allow for voting at the Thursday meeting, which
>would be an exception to our normal practice.  In this case a second
>absentee ballot would end on Friday afternoon.  In any case, the goal
>is to enable the election of the new chair, if at all possible, by the
>end of the Seoul meeting.
>As I said, I am hoping we can avoid needing to do an absentee ballot
>so I hope that any council member who cannot attend the meeting can
>participate remote in al least the first part of the Wednesday meeting.
>Assuming we have a different candidate from each House, each council
>member polled would in turn be able to vote for:
>Candidate chosen by Contracted Parties House (CP House
>or, Candidate chosen by Non Contracted Parties House (NCP House)
>or, None of the above
>(In the case of a single candidate chosen by both Houses, the vote
>would resemble the second round procedure below)
>The votes would be tabulated separately according to House, though the
>roll will be called alphabetically.
>To  succeed a candidate needs 60% or each house.  This means  5 out of
>7 votes for the CP House and 8 out of 13 votes for the NCP House.
>   - If either the CP House candidate  or NCP House candidate get 60%
>of each House, he or she will have been elected and will take over as
>chair of the meeting at that point.
>- If 'None of the above' gets 60% of each house, then the election is
>halted and rescheduled for a month later.  In this case the two vice-
>chairs will take over as interim co-chairs at the end of the week.
>- If neither of the candidates (or "none of the above") gets the
>required 60% of each house, then a second round is called for.
>Assuming every one is present on Wednesday morning, we can hold this
>second round vote immediately, otherwise we can hold it on Thursday.
>The second roll call vote will be between:
>The candidate who received the greatest combined percentage of the
>votes when the results of each house is summed to the other
>(Percentage from CP House + Percentage from NCP House)
>or, None of the above
>If the candidate receives 60% votes of each House ( out of 7 votes for
>the CP House and 8 out of 13 votes for the NCP House) then that
>candidate has been elected and will take over as chair of the meeting
>at that point.
>Otherwise, the election then the election is halted and rescheduled
>for a month later.  In this case the two vice-chairs will take over as
>interim co-chairs at the end of the week.
>I believe this process follows from the rules set for the election of
>chairs in the new bi-cameral council.  I very much look forward to
>completing a successful election on Wednesday morning.

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