[council] Board letter to GNSO Council

Mike Rodenbaugh icann at rodenbaugh.com
Thu Oct 15 15:34:30 UTC 2009

Seems the Board has set this as a top priority for the Council, obviously.
So we should setup a long block of time on Sat/Sun in Seoul to kick this

I have concerns about allowing 'observers' to speak freely at the Council
sessions, as has become standard practice at our weekend sessions but at no
other times.  It makes the weekend sessions far less productive, more time
consuming and more contentious than warranted.  It allows a few well-funded
members of the community to have far undue influence over Council
deliberations and policy development.  With specific respect to the IRT
proposals, it will simply allow rehash of all the arguments we have heard
for months and over several meetings, at the expense of actual Council
deliberations and progress towards policy development.

Of course observers are welcome, but they ought not be allowed to speak
except during designated Q&A or presentation periods as during our Wednesday
session.  If councilors wish to proxy their speaking privilege in any
session, that ought to be allowed, but there ought be no more people allowed
to speak than there are Councilors.

Do others agree or disagree with this?

Mike Rodenbaugh
548 Market Street
San Francisco, CA  94104
(415) 738-8087

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We discussed this some in our RySG call yesterday.  The one clear
position that was made is that the process should follow the practice we
have been following in recent months and years to NOT restrict
participation to just Councilors.


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> Hi,
> Was just asked during another meeting  whether there was any 
> idea of what kind of work the Council would be engaged in in 
> order to meet the Board deadline on this.
> I had to admit that we wee still too busy on the transition 
> details to have discussed this at all on the list.
> I would like to invite the council to begin considering how 
> you want to handle this.  Hopefully discussions have already 
> begun in the SGs.
> One note: if we wait until the new council is seated to start 
> dealing with this we will have used one week of the council 8 
> weeks to get it done.
> a.

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