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Statements of Interest:

-  Identify the participant¹s current vocation, employer and position.

Partner in Lovells LLP international law firm heading up the Lovells Domain Name Practice

-  Characterise the type of work performed in the answer above.

Advising clients in intellectual property and technology issues and in particular the protection of brands online and in respect to domain names; I assist clients with domain name strategy, domain name registrations and domain name recovery on a global basis.
Also act as a domain name panelist with WIPO (for the UDRP) the Czech Arbitration Court (for .EU and the UDRP) and Nominet (for .UK).

-  Identify any financial ownership or senior management/leadership interest in registries, registrars or other firms that are interested parties in ICANN policy or any entity with which ICANN has a transaction, contract, or other arrangement. In particular, disclose if the participant or an affiliate or a client intend or are considering applying for a new TLD.

None. Lovells has made no decision regarding whether to pursue a TLD.  I am involved in advising clients on new gTLD progress and issues and certain of these clients are considering applying for a new TLD.

-  Identify any type of commercial interest in ICANN policy development or implementation outcomes. Is the participant representing other parties with
these interests?

No direct commercial interest in ICANN policy development.

-  Describe any arrangements or agreements between the participant and any other group, constituency or person(s) regarding the participant¹s selection as a member.

I am an individual member of the IPC and member of various other Intellectual Property organisations; INTA, Marques, ECTA and the Society of Computers and Law.  No agreement or understanding with any of these groups as to participation or views in connection with the GNSO.


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