[council] Board-Staff-GNSOCouncil/leadership dinner

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sun Oct 18 15:31:52 UTC 2009


I have terminated the poll and include a snapshot below.

(Actually I include 2 snapshots.  One from before I made a mistake and
tried to edit the first column to say 'Specific Trademark Issues'  
instead of 'the
TBD Board Letter' - did not realize that it would do what it did to  
the poll.
since I had restricted the poll to one answer per person, it is still  
easy to count
the 'edited' poll, however.  ad the first snapeshot does show the lead  

DAGv3 and specific Trademark Issue got 11 votes
AoC and its implications got 9 votes
Mitigating malicious conduct measures got 2 votes

Since the first two are so close and since we have successfully set  
two topics
in previous dinners, one for the main meal and one for the dessert, I  
am setting:

"DAGv3 and Specific Trademark Issues" as the dinner topic
"AoC and its implications" for the dessert.

Thanks for doing the poll.


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