[council] Board letter to GNSO Council

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Sun Oct 18 17:34:58 UTC 2009

Pending RySG approval, Jeff Neuman and I are willing to participate on such a drafting team; there could be others interested from the RySG.  I should be able to free up some time on Saturday afternoon.


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> On 15 Oct 2009, at 14:23, Stéphane Van Gelder wrote:
> > If we do decide to go for a DT,
> I think this is a good idea as a way to start and fits 
> patterns that have proven successful in taking the first 
> steps in recent efforts.
> I do not want to wipe the weekend end schedule for this, 
> however, as we have a published agenda for the weekend and 
> have people committed to those tasks who are planing to come 
> to Seoul in time or those meetings.
> This does not minimize the importance of starting on the 
> Board letter on Specific Trademark Issues (STI) and DAGv3 and 
> that is why I think the suggestion about forming a DT a good 
> idea.  Because of the press of time, we cannot wait for a 
> meeting to do this.  So I am suggesting we start now.
> I propose forming a DT composed of participants each SG and 
> the active Liaison groups who are willing to focus their time 
> next week (perhaps even finding time for a teleconference) 
> and  on the weekend to come up with a plan and start the work 
> for the council to discuss/accept at the Wednesday open 
> meeting and at the Thursday meeting.
> Unless there is strong objection from the members of the 
> council, I ask each SG to name 2-3 members and the active 
> ACSO liaison groups to name 1 representative each for the 
> STI-DT  and ask Glen (or some member of staff who is not 
> traveling at the moment) to set up a mailing list, with open 
> archive, for that team immediately.  I think it is a good 
> suggestion for those SGs that have members who were on the 
> IRT as either members or observers to consider including them 
> among the 2-3 volunteers.  I think the SGs should find people 
> in the SG, not necessarily council members to populate these 
> meeting - and recommend that the people doing this find 
> alternatives to replace (at least temporarily) them in other 
> other ongoing ICANN tasks (except of course for council membership).
> We do have some unused meting room space on Saturday (11am 
> on), so I suggest we schedule this group consider an open 
> meeting during this opne time.
> The topic has already been scheduled for the Wednesday open 
> meeting 
> (https://st.icann.org/gnso-council/index.cgi?agenda_28_oct_2009
> ), and has already been spoken of as the main topic for the 
> Thursday meeting (https://st.icann.org/gnso-council/index.cgi? 
> agenda_29_oct_2009).
> a.

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