[council] Confirmation of new practice at face to face open council meetings

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sun Oct 25 00:37:10 UTC 2009


After this mornings meeting I wanted to confirm several actions that I  
took away from the meeting:

1. the seats at the table for open council meetings will be reserved  
for council members, liaisons and relevant staff.  Chair, vice-chair 
(s) and staff will request that others take the observers seats.  For  
future meetings name placards will be requested to those to be seated  
at the table.

2. the observers will be requested to queue at the microphones, and  
the chair will be responsible for giving them the floor at appropriate  
points, though precedence for speaking will be given to those around  
the table.

3. any further changes to the practices at open meetings will be  
discussed by the new council at its discretion.

Please let me know if I have misinterpreted the will of that meeting.


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