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This topic is going to be discussed in the GCOT meeting at 2:00 p.m.
today afternoon. If you can please attend or let us know the substitute
motion in advance.
Other topics with regards to the rules of procedure are:


	Requirement of Chair candidate to a member of Council? 

	How to dismiss a Chair (what conditions)? 

	Should absentee voting be expanded?

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The motion to amend the motion specifically deals with the abstention
issue.  If the amendment does not pass, then we could add language like


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It is my understanding from our discussion yesterday that we had rough
consensus on voting to adopt the updated Council Operating Procedures,
but to state in the motion that certain areas remain outstanding (e.g.,
abstentions) and to require that those areas be priority work to be
completed by a date certain.

Two questions: 

1.  Is that correct? 

2.  What areas, other than abstentions, remain outstanding? 

I'll start drafting a substitute motion once I've heard back from enough
of you so that I'm comfortable I'm on the right track.


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