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The report is attached in PDF format.


Denise Michel

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>> Dear GNSO Community Members:
>> Policy Staff has done a high level analysis of constituency
>> participation and attendance in GNSO working groups using
>> recorded data for 11 groups from the beginning of 2008 to
>> early September 2009.
>> We looked at 5 gTLD-related working groups and 6 GNSO
>> improvements-related working groups underway during this period.
>> The attached report and related spreadsheets is intended as
>> an inquiry to encourage further community investigation and
>> discussion about GNSO workload and prioritization of tasks,
>> as well as future work processes and structures.  It does not
>> purport to be a scientific or rigorous statistical
>> examination nor does it attempt to identify hypotheses about
>> specific underlying causes.
>> We hope you find it useful and welcome any questions.
>> Regards,
>> Denise
>> Denise Michel
>> ICANN VP Policy
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