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For your information, please find below the updates of the PPSC Work Teams.

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Subject: PPSC-WTs updates for Council

Avri, please find below the updates for the PDP-WT and the WG-WT.

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8. 7. 1. Policy Process Steering Committee (PPSC) Policy Development Process (PDP) work team (WT)

The PDP-WT is finalizing its discussions on the 'proposal review and voting threshold' stage (stage two out of five), and is expected to start discussions shortly on stage three 'Work Phase'. A first draft of the the recommendations for the 'planning and initiation' stage (stage one out of five) has been circulated to the WT for review and discussion at the next meeting.

8. 7. 2. PPSC Working Group work team WGWT

Staff has provided a first draft of the Charter Guidelines for review by the WG-WT. The WG-WT has started reviewing this document, but had to cancel its most recent meeting due to lack of attendance. Staff is currently working on a first draft of the Working Group Guidelines Document for review by the WG-WT.

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