!FW: [council] Re: Absentee Ballot on Fast Flux Hosting motion

Glen de Saint Géry Glen at icann.org
Mon Sep 7 10:36:40 UTC 2009

Dear Voting Council Members,

Please state your objection to accepting Mary Wong’s absentee ballot which was received four hours after the voting closed as noted in the emails below. If no objection is received within 48 hours, the final result of the Fast Flux Hosting motion will be published.

Notice that Absentee voting on the Fast Flux motion has closed
Mary Wong’s Absentee Ballot on Fast Flux Hosting motion

Thank you,
Kind regards,
Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org

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> Subject: [council] Re: Absentee Ballot on Fast Flux Hosting motion
> Hi all,
> * On the  Fast Flux Hosting motion I vote:
> * [X] Yes
> * [ ] No
> * [ ] Abstain
> * Password: pink-3
> Thanks and cheers,
> Mary
> Mary W S Wong
> Professor of Law
> Franklin Pierce Law Center
> Two White Street
> Concord, NH 03301
> Email: mwong at piercelaw.edu
> Phone: 1-603-513-5143
> Webpage: http://www.piercelaw.edu/marywong/index.php
> Selected writings available on the Social Science Research Network
> (SSRN) at: http://ssrn.com/author=437584
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