[council] GNSO Council meet and greet?

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Same here.


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 I also support these sessions, with the conditions stated by Kristina.

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I would support both sessions on the condition that both are closed and
participation is limited to Councilors and relevant staff. (I wouldn't
necessarily object to including Constituency officers.)

I also believe the morning session should be neither recorded nor
transcribed. Neither is conducive to the level of candor that the
productivity of the session requires. 

Having the sessions be open seems likely to decrease their utility.

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Subject: [council] GNSO Council meet and greet? 

 As most of you will remember, on behalf of the registrars, I suggested
on the recent GNSO Council call that we should try to create a number
(two) fora in which we could get together and interact on a social and
informal level, especially in light of the introduction of new
 I am not sure how much detail is required but here are my previous
suggestions that I sent Glen previously.
 I think we should do two events.
 The first would be to create an agenda item on the Saturday morning
where we could simply go around the room and introduce ourselves and
discuss openly any areas of concern - specifically to do with the
Council itself (points of view, voting etc). I know the registrars for
example would say that they are a little sick and tired of being
pigeonholed simply because they have commercial interests. I'm sure
other groups would have pet hates too.
 Secondly I think we should have a social gathering on the Saturday
evening (perhaps just a few pre-dinner drinks if the budget doesn't
allow too much) where GNSO Councillors both new and old and ICANN staff
(those that interact regularly with the Council perhaps) can gather once
again for the purpose of getting to know new members better and, more
importantly, for each Constituency (Stakeholder Group) be able to convey
their distinct and perhaps unique perspectives on the Council and the
issues that are before us. That said, it is a social event. It is more
about getting to know the personalities that make up the GNSO Council.
 I believe that we would need a show of support for these ideas in order
for this to happen.
 Can I please get your ideas/ thoughts/ suggestions or support to the
list please?
 Adrian Kinderis

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