[council] Draft GNSO Council Operating Procedures - abstentions

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Mon Sep 21 21:10:07 UTC 2009

I have a similar concern Tim.  Because the GNSO Improvement
Recommendations approved by the Board emhasize the importance of
striving toward as strong a consensus as possible, any requirements that
minimize the support needed for a given action would seem to go counter
to that.


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> So a quorum might exist but the actual votes counted may not 
> represent a quorum? Seems that if there were a large number 
> of abstentions an action of the Council could be decided by a 
> pretty small number. I think we need to give the various 
> scenarious more thought.
> Tim
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> Subject: [council] Draft GNSO Council Operating Procedures - 
> abstentions
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>  Fellow Council Members,
> Background
> one issue debated but unresolved by the drafting team is the 
> oddity in Council voting over abstentions.
> To date an abstention has counted as a vote against the 
> motion because of the way the old by-laws were written.
> I believe this is no longer the case in the new by-laws and 
> so the decision is up to us as Council as to what we want to 
> put in our internal rules (the operating procedures).
> The current draft continues the old practise.
> Proposal
> I would like to propose an amendment to the draft op. procedures as
> follows:
>  5.4 "Abstentions will count towards the establishment of a 
> quorum but do not count as votes cast." 
>  This will mean an abstention is just that a decision to not 
> vote. At present it is not the case.(The ability to state why 
> a member abstains remains).
>  The only rationale for the current situation is the the same 
> rule applies for the Board. To my mind there are reasons why 
> a Board may have such a rule that are not relevant to a 
> policy development body such as Council.
>  Is everyone happy to make this change ?
>  Philip

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