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Again, I will defer to you, but shouldn't this be forwarded to the full Council list?


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	these are the updates for ccnso, geo regions and travel drafting team.
	Please note that:

	*	In relation with ccnso - indpdpwg1, there is a document wich is available now for working team comments and will also be after the next conference call expected soon.GNSO should exchange ideas on how the Council wants to make this document´s revision and comments. 

	*	GNSO should exchange ideas about retiring councillors that would need funding to go to Seoul meeting. This information should be sent to ICANN Staff asap.

	ccNSO update:
	ccnso-idnpdpwg1 working team:
	ICANN staff has prepared a first draft Topic Paper , which is being reviewed by the working team. The document is attached.
	This first paper will be discussed among the working team and should be available for public comments by mid October.

	There will be a face to face meeting of the wt in Seoul.
	The final topic paper including comments should be ready by 20 November.
	Geo Regions:
	The innitial Working Group Report was available for public comments. It attempts to identify the various applications and functions to which "ICANN Geographic Regions" are currently applied by existing ICANN structures.
	A new teleconference of the working group is expected to take place soon.
	Travel Drafting Team:
	As mentioned in previous messages sent to the GNSO Council, Kevin Wilson informed us that there is some flexibility for additional support to travel so Seoul for retiring GNSO councellors.
	GNSO should send the information about this names asap, so far these expression of interest for funding have been sent to the GNSO list:
	ISPCP Council members

	*	Tony Holmes - Funded to attend NomCom meeting in Seoul, would need additional hotel/per diem funding.

	*	Tony Harris -    Would need full funding for Seoul.

	GNSO should confirm who else would be interested in this funding and formally make the request to ICANN Staff asap.

	A face to face meeting of the travel drafting team will be scheduled with ICANN staff during the ICANN Seoul meeting. Once the date and time are established, this information will be sent to the drafting team list.

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