[council] Travel to Seoul - funding

Adrian Kinderis adrian at ausregistry.com.au
Tue Sep 22 00:43:58 UTC 2009


I must say I'm not shocked to see your application for travel funding.

Please, no need reference "long haul" as an excuse for this funding. That is just ignorant to others where most EVERY trip is long haul. Not sure why you consider yourself such an exception.

I am not sure why you even felt compelled to provide any explanation for your funding unless you wanted to stir up the hornets' nest - yet again. Just not necessary and I simply disagree with it.

Some questions if you don't mind? Why does your company pay for you to attend any ICANN's at all? What do they get out of it? I see nothing in your statement of interest that defines this. (This is simply a follow up to my previous questions actually).


Adrian Kinderis

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Subject: [council] Travel to Seoul - funding

Olga, thank you for the outreach.
Please make this formal request.

The BC formally requests travel funding for Philip Sheppard, as a retiring council member, for the Seoul meeting.
There is considerable constituency, stakeholder group, and GNSO handover work to do.
I may also be able to provide a certain institutional memory.

My organisation can ordinarily currently fund one long-haul trip per year.
This year there have been three such long-haul and so costly trips (for a European), which is I believe the first time ever in ICANN history.


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