[council] IRTP Part B and PEDNR Updates for Council Meeting

Tim Ruiz tim at godaddy.com
Wed Sep 23 07:32:17 UTC 2009

IRTP Part B Update:

Continued discussions on defining terms.

Public comment period on charter issues is still open. Closes 5 October.

PEDNR Update:

All SOIs of participants have now been collected.

Registrar Survey: Marika is ready to work on these, and will be reaching
out to known registrar reps for answers or an appropriate contact within
the organization.  

Discussion of a workshop during the Seoul meeting - scheduling & remote
access facilities, what other meetings may conflict, concern that new
gTLD sessions would take away our participants, potential conflict with
an ALAC event.

Public Comment summary and analysis
    ** 14 Comments Rec'd, 13 participants (1 commented twice)
    **  Answers grouped by charter questions.
    **  Feedback on other issues (not related to charter questions) were
also collected
    **  Constituency Statements:  IPC, RSG not posted yet or included in
    **  Discussion of a "drop box" during Seoul to receive anonymous

Some discussion about Registry Practices. Notably, the extension of the
date during auto-renew grace period which could give registrants the
impression that the date had renewed.

Discussed a shift in the timeline. I will likely be posing this request
to the Council (2 wk extension).

Continued discussion on Charter question 1 - Does registrant have
sufficient opportunity to renew names prior to expiry?


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