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PPSC Working Group work team status update:
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Our group divided its work into two sections.  First, we are developing a Charter Drafting Guidelines document that would assist groups that are chartering a Working Group in putting together an appropriate Charter.  Second, we are putting together a Working Group Operating Model Guidebook that would be used by Working Groups to understand how to operate a working group.  Currently, we have finished the work on a majority of the Charter Drafting Guidelines document.  We hope to have a call for consensus for about 90% of the document within the next 2 weeks.  However, because certain sections of the Charter Drafting Guidelines cross-reference information in the Working Group Operating Model Guidebook, there are a couple of sections for which we will have to delay the call for consensus until such time as the Working Group Operating Model Guidebook is finalized.  Hence, we plan to start work on the second document next week.  We are cognizant that some portions of the Working Group Operating Model Guidebook are reliant on working going on in other parts of the reorganization effort and we have every intention (with the assistance of our able staff liaisons) to ensure that our work compliments and/or incorporates the work of these other groups before being finalized.  We have a rough draft of this second document prepared and will now begin the task of refining the text.  It is our hope to have the document in a position to have an intense drafting session in Seoul so that we can have a draft to put out a call for consensuses soon thereafter.

I hope this information will assist you.

J. Scott

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