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Dear GNSO Council:

We have received some questions about travel support for Seoul for GNSO members.  I thought it might help to have the GNSO Council see a general response so that you won't have to take up valuable Council time on this subject.

GNSO currently has 23 travel support slots for each ICANN meeting.   (Note:  1 slot includes airfare and Lodging/PerDiem and can be split between two members).  My understanding is that the GNSO delegates to each constituency the decision for assigning these slots.

Since the GNSO is transitioning to a new Council in Seoul, some constituencies may feel a need to request an exception to the posted Travel Guidelines and request additional support.   I recommend that the leader/s of the constituency group send me a specific request indicating the reason for the request, travelor's name, amount of support (ie half or full), etc.

If the requests are modest, we'll figure out a way to fund it out of FY10's adopted budget.  If the requests are not modest, we'll circle back with the GNSO Council on possible solutions.

Kevin Wilson


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