[council] Abstentions

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Thanks for this info Philip.  It is good to know.  It seems to me that
this will come down to what our objectives are with regard to this
issue.  Do we want the procedures to be consistent with the Bylaws or do
we want to request another change in the Bylaws?  Do we want to attempt
to always get maximum support for all decisions or are there exceptions
where less than majority support is okay?  I am not assuming that I have
the right answers to these questions but I think they are good ones to


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	In case of interest (and sorry to be posting so much on this)
the point about abstentions not counting as a vote is standard practise
in all other international organisations.
	The definitive rules of procedure in international relations are
those of the UN General Assembly; these rules date back in their
original version to a codification of customary Rules of Procedure which
was made for the Congress of Vienna early in the 19th century. The Rules
have been continually amended and improved ever since. Robert's Rules of
Order and all other recognised rules of procedure are all derived from
the UN General Assembly Rules.

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