[council] Abstentions

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The Bylaws thresholds describe threshold percents by House.  I assumed
that means all votes in the House.  If it doesn't, then all the work we
did in reaching consensus on the thresholds would seem to lose meaning
in my opinon.


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	Chuck, let me know if I missed something but I fear the bylaws
are silent on this issue.
	The point as yet undefined is as Avri started to define the
	We have defined a set of voting thresholds 25%, 60 % etc in the
bylaws and a catch all 50% threshold for anything else.
	We have not defined the denominator. 25% of what ? etc
	There are three options of the denominator:
	1. Total seats (ie the 13 and the 7) (abstentions question NOT
	2. Members present for the vote (abstentions question relevant)
	3. Votes cast (abstentions question relevant)
	Given quorum there are not many variants and  table could be
made to show them.
	But we need to be clear which one we choose.
	Part of the decision is also based on an assumption of status
	Is the (policy) status quo today a good place to be? if yes,
adopt a conservative approach to change.
	Is the (policy) status quo today a poor place to be? if yes,
adopt a liberal approach to change.
	You and I might disagree on this one !

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