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Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Tue Sep 29 12:32:15 UTC 2009


This  note is to notify the council that I have worked with the 3 NCAs  
of the new council and have come up with their input to the council  
regarding their recommendation for assigning NCA Council Seats as  
required by the second bullet.  This was an action that needed to be  
completed by 30 September.

As a reminder, the Transition plan approved at the last meeting  
contains the following:


> For the period starting on 28 October 2009 and continuing only  
> through the 2010 ICANN Annual Meeting, the following procedure will  
> be used to assign NCAs to Council seats:
> 	• ICANN Staff should ensure that a Statement of Interest is  
> received from Andrey Kolesnikov and sent to the Council not later  
> than 30 September 2009.
> 	• Not later than 30 September 2009, new and existing NCAs will make  
> best efforts to collaborate and provide their input to the GNSO  
> Council regarding their recommendations for assigning NCA Council  
> seats. Such input should include any seating assignments that any of  
> the NCAs would individually be uncomfortable taking along with their  
> reasons.
> 	• Taking into consideration the input from the NCAs, if any, both  
> GNSO Council Houses and/or their respective Stakeholder Groups  
> should attempt to reach agreement on the seating for each of the  
> three NCAs for the first year of the new bicameral Council and  
> communicate the results to the Council not later than 7 October 2009.
> 	• If the GNSO Council Houses and/or their respective Stakeholder  
> Groups are unable to reach agreement, then the new, inexperienced  
> NCA will take the non-voting Council seat and random selection will  
> be used to assign the other two NCAs to Houses before the Council  
> meeting on 8 October 2009.
> 	• In the meeting scheduled for 8 October 2009, the Council will  
> acknowledge the results of this process and confirm that it was  
> properly conducted.

In terms of the first point Glen is currently working with Andrey to  
get the required SOI completed

In terms of the second point, we have recorded the output of the NCAs  
and make the following recommendations as input to further discussions:

Contracted Parties House - Andrey
Non contracted Parties House - Terry
Independent non-voting - Olga

The Process we followed:

- First I created a doodle where each of them could indicate their  
preference.  This was one of the 'yes-green, maybe-yellow, no-red'  

I set this up as hidden poll, so that consideration for each other's  
choices would not stand in the way of each of them stating, in the  
first instance, their personal preference.

The idea was that once we saw the individual preferences, they could  
then negotiate a final list based on knowing what each other really  
wanted, or was willing, to do.

I also made myself available for any of them who wanted to get more  
background information, but no one took me up on the offer.

Note: I also told them that if they hated the idea of the poll we  
could start in another way, but I was looking for a way to reach a  
conclusion quickly.

- The individual preferences, a snapshot of which is included below,  
showed that there was one possible solution from the beginning which  
would avoid any of them having to take a position they did not want.

The results (depicted below):

Olga and Andrey were both interested in the Contracted Parties House

All three of them were willing to be placed in the Non-Contracted  
parties house.
Terry indicated he was only willing to be placed the Non-contracted  
parties house

Olga was the only one indicating willingness to take the Independent  
non voting role

I suggested this as a starting position for their discussions, but  
also suggested they could ignore it, if they desired.

- In the following conversation they all accepted the proposal, each  
for his/her own reasons:

Andrey felt that his experience in managing a zone with 2.3 M domains,  
which is 99%
compatible to a .COM environment, made him feel comfortable going into  
the Contracted Parties house.

Terry felt that based on his experience in industry the Non Contracted  
parties house was the most appropriate.

Olga was willing to take any of the roles, though she had a preference  
for the Contracted parties.

- It is now up to the houses, to decide if they are willing to accept  
the input of the NCAs.  If not, they will need to come up with another  

I invite the NCA's to add any comments to this they feel would be  
useful to the Houses in making their decision, but am not in any way  
obliging them to do so.

I should mention that Andrey has been added to this list (as all newly  
appointed/elected council members will be), and I welcome him.  Of  
course the incoming council members are observers on the list until 28  
October.  In keep with our normal processes, I invite the new council  
members to participate on the list as fully as they feel ready to with  
voting and the making of motions being the only exceptions.



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