[council] Incoming Council members was Re: [] NCA input to House placement

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Tue Sep 29 13:26:31 UTC 2009

On 29 Sep 2009, at 08:32, Avri Doria wrote:

> I should mention that Andrey has been added to this list (as all  
> newly appointed/elected council members will be), and I welcome  
> him.  Of course the incoming council members are observers on the  
> list until 28 October.  In keep with our normal processes, I invite  
> the new council members to participate on the list as fully as they  
> feel ready to with voting and the making of motions being the only  
> exceptions.

I would like to suggest that incoming council members also be invited  
to join the next Council call on on 8 October.

Since this is not part of the normal process, I want to confirm that   
there are no objections.



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