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Forwarded from ISPCP Constituency

As a result of the GNSO resolution at http://gnso.icann.org/resolutions/#200904 the remaining DNSO restricted funds are available for support of other ISPCP travelers.  On behalf of the ISPCP constituency, I would like to request that $1,347.30 be transferred to the ISPCP general account via a check made out to the ISPCP Secretariat.  It is possible to do this through a bank transfer if that is more convenient for you.

Otherwise, I hope this simple request is enough to get us started officially!


Mark McFadden, Secretariat
ISPCP Constituency, ICANN
secretariat at ispcp.info
Y! IM: mcfadden AIM: McElmside
Tw: McElmside Bkite: mcfadden Fb: Mark McFadden

Dear requestor of DNSO restricted funds:

I understand that you have been allocated US$3,327.30 of the remaining DNSO restricted funds for the purpose of funding or partially funding your travel costs to the Sydney meeting.  (This amount is equal to one sixth of the total of $19,963.79 DNSO restricted funds).  In order to execute the release of these funds, please provide a clear request for these funds indicating:
*         The amount in US$.
*         Who to pay

Please attach this email, including the GNSO resolution below, to your request and copy the GNSO Council list <council at gnso.icann.org<mailto:council at gnso.icann.org>>list to ensure accountability and transparency.   Separately, please send to Michael Cashin atMichael.cashin at icann.org<mailto:Michael.cashin at icann.org>, the specific payment transaction information.
 If you have any questions, please call or email me at any time.
Thank you
Kevin Wilson
 GNSO Resolution
 At its meeting of September 25, 2008 the GNSO Council created the Travel Drafting Team (TDT) to work on proposals to optimize the allocation and the management of Travel Funding for the GNSO Constituencies.
 At a meeting held during the Mexico ICANN meeting in March 2009 between the TDT and members of ICANN staff, the TDT requested that all GNSO Constituencies receive Funding Slots for each of their elected Councilors at each one of the three yearly international ICANN meetings, with the understanding that it would then be up to each Constituency to allocate these slots according to their own internal processes.
 That request stemmed in part from the recognition of the significant, and ever increasing work loads, that GNSO Councilors face. Work which they carry out as unpaid volunteers.
 Since that meeting it has been identified that an amount of funds left over from the DNSO are available for use should the Council wish to provide additional Travel Funding to those GNSO Constituencies that no longer have enough credits left for their three slots for the final meeting of the fiscal year 2008, in Sydney.
  The funds identified are in the amount of 19,963.79 USD.
 That the DNSO funds be distributed evenly across all six GNSO Constituencies in time for the Sydney meeting in June, with the express purpose of providing additional Travel Funding for those persons nominated by each Constituency as recipients to be of said Travel Support.

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