[council] Incoming Council members was Re: [] NCA input to House placement

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Wed Sep 30 21:11:27 UTC 2009

On 30 Sep 2009, at 16:57, Rosette, Kristina wrote:

> OK with observers provided the persons being appointed by the Board  
> are also permitted to attend.
> Have the appointments been made? If so, are the names of our new  
> colleagues available?

Yes they have and I believe have been added to this list at this point.

But as they have not been announced to wide world yet, I wasn't sure I  
wanted to be the first to do so, not being exactly sure of my proper  
place in this whole scheme of things.

But, since you asked, and as I was copied on their messages of  
congratulation, I will take a chance of making a premature  
announcement and give you their names and places of employment -  
leaving the rest of the introduction to them in the form of their SOIs  

Debra Hughes - American Red Cross
Rafik Dammak - From Tunisia at University of Tokyo and DiploFoundation
Rosemary Sinclair - Australian Telecommunications Users Group.

I welcome them all to this list and as incoming members of the GNSO  
Council.  I have already communicated to them about Seoul meeting and  
the opportunity to 'observe' the 8 October GNSO Council teleconference.


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