[council] Board appointments to fill 3 non-commercial seats on the new Council

Denise Michel denise.michel at icann.org
Wed Sep 30 21:47:58 UTC 2009

Dear Community Members,

The Board has appointed the following individuals to serve as Non-Commercial
Stakeholder Group (NCSG) representatives on the new GNSO Council:

 Mohammed Rafik Dammak – Tunisia
 Rosemary Sinclair – Australia
 Debra Hughes – United States

Under the terms of the NCSG transitional charter approved by the Board on 30
July 2009, three of the six NCSG representatives on the new GNSO Council to
be seated at the Seoul meeting were to be selected/appointed by the Board.
The Board's Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) considered applications
from a talented and diverse group of volunteers, conducted extensive due
diligence, carefully reviewed the candidates, and recommended for full Board
consideration a slate of three nominees to serve on the GNSO Council for the
next two years.

The individuals listed above were recommended by the SIC for Board
appointment based on their combination of skills, experience, background,
geographic location, knowledge and passion, with particular attention to
their ability to help build non-commercial participation and contribute to
the work of the GNSO. More (official) information can be found in the Board
resolution that will be posted here <http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/>shortly.

Staff will be following-up with these individuals to make the necessary
arrangements for their participation.


Denise Michel
ICANN Vice President
Policy Development
policy-staff at icann.org
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