[council] Motion deadline per operating procedures

Tim Ruiz tim at godaddy.com
Wed Dec 1 20:12:27 UTC 2010

Interesting how we pick what we are going to adhere to process wise
(certain requests to assign proxies a while back for example) and what
we don't. I maintain that a day is a day (24 hours) and that is exactly
what the GCOT meant. Regarding what we did in the past, it is just that,
the past (two wrongs don't make a right and all that nonsense). Popping
motions in the mix at the 11th hour is becoming the norm, not  the
exception. If the Council votes to make an exception on these two
motions then I guess that's the way it is. But questioning what a "day"
means is a rediculous argument. These motions did not meet the deadline
and I maintain that any exception requires a vote.

If the GCOT meant something else then I would like that explained by
them and I would propose that we pull back the procedures in whole to
have them all reviewed to be sure we don't have any other convenient
interpretations pop up unexpectedly.

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My guess is,  if we took a survey of Councilors, many would not
interpret days so literally as you do and I suspect that the GCOT
didn’t mean it that literally either.  But I will point out that Glen
sent a message reminding Councilors of the 8-day advance requirement and
noted that motions were due by 30 November.  Glen did that at my request
and as you can tell, I have never interpreted the requirement as 192
hours.  If it means 192 hours, then I suspect that we have missed the
deadline many times in the past.
Regardless, I still maintain that we should spend our time focusing on
the issues not the process, especially when we are talking about
something where we clearly had different understandings regarding the
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Subject: [council] Motion deadline per operating procedures

The relevant paragraph in section 3.3 of our operating procedures
clearly states that motions must be submitted "...no later than 8 days
before the GNSO Council meeting." Given that our meeting is scheduled to
begin at 1900 UTC on the 8th, neither of the motions submitted yesterday
by Mary and Kristina met the deadline of 1900 UTC the 30th.

Again, given that ICANN involves one or more days of travel for many of
us, and that any 8 day period also includes at least one weekend, I
think it is crucial that motions are submitted as soon as possible and
the deadline should be strictly observed.


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