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Why not leaving a bit of flexibility to the houses in deciding at what time they may announce their resp. VC selection?
I understand that there is the question whether a chair candidate who is - after several rounds - not elected could be given a chance to stand for VC election, too. This should be taken into consideration by the houses.
Even in case one house has already announced their resp. VC and a further chair nomination and voting period appears to be necessary the procedures leave the flexibility to the houses to nominate their VC as chair candidate and select a VC from a different SG.
Don't feel confused - just use your flexibility and chances!

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Please note my comments below.




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Sorry, but I'm a little confused. Since we are in the process of a second round of elections for the Chair position, shouldn't the Contracted Party House nomination/confirmation of its Vice-Chair be postponed till that is over?

[Gomes, Chuck] There is one major  problem with that approach Mary : If no chair is elected in the second round, 1) the vice chairs assume the Council leadership at the end of the AGM in Cartagena until such time as a chair is elected. and that could not happen if the vice chairs were not already elected, and 2) a new nomination period for chair cannot be initiated any sooner than 30 days.  With this in mind, I trust that the Non-Contracted Party House is not waiting until a chair is elected before electing a vice chair.  I believe I mentioned in at least one previous meeting that the Houses needed to elect the vice chairs in time for them to lead the Council if needed.


(BTW I ask not because I necessarily anticipate a problem with the run-off ballot, but because the Operating Procedures contemplate the possibility of a further nomination and voting period in the event of an unsuccessful run-off ballot, and state that in that (or indeed in any) event a Chair and Vice Chair can't be from the same SG.)

[Gomes, Chuck] These are more issues that should be dealt with in the procedures.





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[council] FW: Contracted Party House - election of Vice Chair of GNSO Council


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Dear Glen:

This is the notice of the Contracted Party House of the GNSO that we have elected Jeff Neuman as Vice Chair of the Council, by agreement of the Registries and Registrars Stakeholder Groups, to serve in the new Council.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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