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Subject: GNSO Council Abstention Notification Form [#26]

Name of Officer: *

Avri Doria

Officer Email Address: *

avri at acm.org<mailto:avri at acm.org>

Date Prepared: *

Thursday, December 2, 2010

GNSO Organization: *

Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group

Officer Position or Title: *

Chair, NCSG Executive Committee

Voting Remedy: *

Temporary Alternate

Reason(s) for or condition(s) leading to the remedy: *

Rafik Dammak, on 1 Dec, notified the GNSO secretariat and the NCSG that he would be unable to attend the full sequence of regularly scheduled GNSO meetings to be held in Cartagena from 4 December 2010 until 10 December 2010. This unavailability includes both face to face and remote participation. As the NCSG did not wish to give up its full representation in this sequence of important GNSO Council meetings, it is availing itself of the provisions contained in the GNSO Council Procedures for the assignment of Temporary Replacement.

Specific subject(s)/measure(s)/motion(s)/action(s) of the Council for which the remedy is being exercised: *

All actions to be initiated in Cartagena from 4 Dec until 10 Dec 2010. This specifically does not include the ongoing GNSO election for Chair.

Date upon which the remedy will expire or terminate:
[Note: may not exceed 3 months initially; may be renewed by sending an email with explanation to GNSO Secretariat] *

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Please identify the individual (cannot be a current GNSO Councilor) who will serve as the abstaining Councilor's Temporary Alternate.
[Note: if not already published and available, a short bio and Statement/Disclosure of Interest should be prepared by the Temporary Alternate and delivered to the GNSO Secretariat in advance of any discussion or voting scheduled to take place]. *

Konstantinos Komaitis

Temporary Alternate Email Address: *

k.komaitis at strath.ac.uk<mailto:k.komaitis at strath.ac.uk>

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