[council] Meeting with the GAC and ccNSO lunch topics

Olga Cavalli olgacavalli at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 12:24:29 UTC 2010


In preparation for meeting with GAC and lunch with ccNSO, these are some
proposed issues to be discussed during these meetings.

Feel free to suggest changes or other subjects that may be of interest.

During lunch today we draft the final list.


*Meeting with the GAC today 17 hs*

Comments about New gTLDs and DAGV5

Recommendation 6

Vertical Integration

Cross SO/AC policy development work


ccNSO lunch on Monday *

Thankns Adrei and Edmond for the suggestions!

Short update on Fast track from ccNSO team, how many applications, how many
approved, how many went through IANA delegation, how many launched IDN

There will be a big sessions run by ccNSO during this ICANN meeting, but for
GNSO this will be interesting. This is a direct competition for unborn yet

Edmon’s IRD presentation – on how it will be (should, must, if?) applied to
ccTLD world. Andrei can reference examples.
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