[council] Rec 6 motion: possible amendment

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Thanks Mary.  This seems to solve the concerns I had but I will check
with the RySG.



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Hello again,

So as not to overly belabor the point or cause your Inboxes to overflow,
would reformulating the motion along the following lines render it
acceptable to those who were inclined to vote against it? Basically I
added a Whereas clause and rewrote the problematic "endorsed" clause in
the Resolved section:

"WHEREAS, on 8 September 2010 the GNSO Council endorsed GNSO
participation in a joint working group with other interested Supporting
Organizations (SOs) and Advisory Committee (ACs) to provide guidance to
the ICANN new gTLD Implementation Team and the ICANN Board in relation
to the implementation of the Council's Recommendation 6 regarding
strings that contravene generally-accepted legal norms relating to
morality and public order that are recognized under international
principles of law;

WHEREAS, the Recommendation 6 cross-community working group (CWG) was
established in accordance with the Terms of Reference also approved by
the GNSO Council on 8 September 2010;

WHEREAS, the CWG has since delivered a set of recommendations regarding
implementation of the GNSO Council's Recommendation 6 for new gTLDs to
the community;

AND WHEREAS, the role of the Council is to manage the cross-community
process on behalf of the GNSO community and the Council notes that the
CWG's implementation proposals have been produced in accordance with the
group's Terms of Reference; 

RESOLVED, the Council thanks the CWG and its participants, from the GNSO
and other SOs and the ACs, for their hard work; and acknowledges that
the CWG recommendations do not constitute Consensus Policy or GNSO
policy development otherwise within the purview of the GNSO;

RESOLVED FURTHER, the Council recommends that each Stakeholder Group
provide feedback as soon as possible to the CWG, in order to resolve
outstanding questions regarding implementation of Recommendation 6 in a
judicious manner, considering in particular those recommendations that
received Full Consensus in the CWG.





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