[council] Development of Criteria for Initiating New Projects

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relevant to this topic, and referring back to the earlier thread on the
council resolution 20100715-1

am wondering how we should initiate some follow up work on it...





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this is a summary of the ideas exchanged last Saturday about Development of
Criteria for Initiating New Projects.
At the end of the session the following council members agreed to keep on
talking about this:


Comments and other ideas are welcome.

Development of Criteria for Initiating New Projects

We should have one yearly strategy planning session focusing on what we can
do with our resources.

Before starting each project some key questions should be done in order to
have a sense of general priority level.
Why is this a priority project?
Do we have the resources?
Which is the main driver of the project?

How do we tell that we are full?
How do we tell there are no resources?
Should we stop a pdp? This would need careful thought.

More community resources: it is possible to recruit more people.

Use of a simple model and outcomes could be complemented by recommendations
done by council leaders.

The decision should be made by the leadership of the council.

Council should evaluate where do the new projects fit in and agree on some,
in a case by case basis.

There could be a methodology that includes points (European Parliament)

There could be voting thresholds to iniciate a project.


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