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Wed Dec 8 17:10:24 UTC 2010

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Forwarded From: Marilyn Cade

Dear ICANN GNSO Secretariat/Glen:

Update on the progression of an agreed process for V.Chair election/Non Contracted Party House - update from the CSG

The leadership and their members have continued to work on a mutually agreed to process for this election. Unfortunately,
time factors and the busy schedules have not allowed the conclusion of a mutually agreed to process. However, the CSG
leadership is optimistic that a process can be agreed to, and thus the election can be resolved soon. We will also of course
be in close communications with our sister SG and with the NCA in our House, Olga Cavalli, and are of course forwarding this

Please know that efforts continue to find time to address this.

I will add on a personal note that busy schedules have overtaken us in some instances, but
that we are all working toward a solution. My apologies for the delay.

Marilyn Cade, BC Chair, CSG alternate from BC, and on behalf of the CSG leadership

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