[council] RE: [gnso-ppsc] question of conflict of interest

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I see no reason for concern...

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Thanks Avri.  I understand your concern and if those on the PPSC and PDP-WT
or the Council believe that I will not be able to do both, I will step down
as Chair of both the SC and WT.  

I will note, however, that there is no bylaw or operational procedure that
bars a council member from serving as the chair of a working group and I am
fine with continuing to serve as well.

That said, I am happy to follow the will of the Council and the policy
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Subject: [gnso-ppsc] question of conflict of interest


As I have done before in other circumstances, I question the legitimacy of
having a chair for the PPSC  or the PDP WT who has ascended to the GNSO
council and is one of its vice-chairs    I believe that the influence a
council member, who is in the position of approving or disapproving the work
of PPSC and its WTs is not consistent with also being a Chair of either the
PPSC or of a WT.

This is a personal question at this point, but I will be forwarding this
note to the NCSG  to seek their advice on the issue.



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