[council] Volunteers for Charter Drafting Team for Vertical Integration PDP

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Mary and all,
By way of background, unlike the Charter drafting groups, which are typically kept relatively small, when we get to the stage where the PDP Working Group is being convened, the draft Working Group Guidelines currently being developed encourage broad community participation that reflects "the diversity and representativeness of the GNSO community".  Typically the size of Working Groups are not limited (unlike Task Forces used in the past) and interested community members are encouraged to join.  There is a draft Guideline that members of a WG are expected to be active participants (others might opt for an observer role) but the general rule of thumb on working group membership is openness and inclusiveness. This is a link to the most recent draft Guidelines prepared by the Working Groups Work Team.  https://st.icann.org/data/workspaces/icann-ppsc/attachments/working_group_team:20100128132522-0-11829/original/Working%2520Group%2520Guidelines%2520-%2520FINAL%2520-%252028%2520Jan%25202010.doc
Please note that several Working Groups currently underway have multiple participants from the same constituency or stakeholder group (even more community participation in most current groups would be even better!!!).
Thanks, Liz
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Chuck and everyone, are there any limits/guidelines as to how many from each SG/Constituency/AC?

I'm assuming that given the time line, subject matter and other workload, we should not be proceeding with a huge number of people.

(sorry if I should know this out of the WG procedures or something, but figured if there was indeed a figure, this was the expert list to ask!)


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[council] Volunteers for Charter Drafting Team for Vertical Integration PDP

In follow-up to Council approval to initiate a Vertical Integration PDP and specifically the action item to form a drafting team to develop a charter for that PDP, I am hereby requesting volunteers for the DT.  Volunteers need not be Councilors.

If you or someone in your SG/Constituency/AC want to volunteer for this WT, please respond on this list not later than 9 February.


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