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Stéphane Van Gelder stephane.vangelder at indom.com
Thu Nov 4 14:55:47 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

As discussed during our last conference call, I would like to make the following motion to remove the DOI obligations from the GNSO Op Procs. Included is my proposal for the motion plus a revised version of the Op Procs with the DOI requirement removed (document is provided as a redline to make the changes clearer).

My thanks to Julie Hedlund for her help in preparing this.

Comments and a second are most welcome.




WHEREAS, in October 2008, the GNSO Council established a framework for implementing the various GNSO Improvements identified and approved by the ICANN Board of Directors on 26 June 2008 <http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/resolutions-26jun08.htm> ;

WHEREAS, that framework included the formation, in January 2009, of two Steering Committees, the Operations Steering Committee (OSC) and the Policy Process Steering Committee (PPSC), to charter and coordinate the efforts of five community work teams in developing specific recommendations to implement the improvements;

WHEREAS, the OSC established three work teams, including the GNSO Council Operations Work Team (GCOT) <https://st.icann.org/icann-osc/index.cgi?gnso_operations_team> , which were chartered to focus on specific operational areas addressed in the BGC Report recommendations <http://www.icann.org/topics/gnso-improvements/gnso-improvements-report-03feb08.pdf> ;

WHEREAS, the GCOT has completed and submitted a revision of the GNSO Operating Procedures (GOP) that modifies Chapter 5.0 Statements and Disclosures of Interest <INSERT LINK> . 
WHEREAS, the revision of Chapter 5.0 includes a new section 5.2.3 Exemptions, modifications to sections 5.3.3 Contents, and removes section 5.4 Disclosure of Interest Procedures;


RESOLVED, that the GNSO Council accepts these deliverables submitted by the GCOT and approved by the OSC and directs Staff to post the aforementioned document for thirty (30) days in the ICANN Public Comment Forum.

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the GNSO Council shall take formal action on this document, including potential modification, as soon as possible after the conclusion of the public comment period.
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