[council] Action Item Reminders

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Fri Nov 5 05:31:37 UTC 2010

Please note the following action items from our Council meeting one week
1.	Assuming we dispense with the prioritization effort, Councilors
are encouraged to communicate ideas on the Council mailing list on how
to make decisions regarding whether or not to proceed on a project; the
aim would be to compile a list of factors that can be used to make
choices, and over time develop criteria for choosing projects and work
2.	Request for Stakeholder Groups and constituencies to submit
topics and questions on New gTLDs to the Council mailing list for Kurt
Pritz to discuss at the GNSO Working Session on Sunday 5 December in
Cartagena.  (Note that this probably will be easier to do after the next
version of the applicant guidebook is published.)
3.	The Houses need to provide nominees for GNSO Council chair by 10
November 2010.
The Houses need to make recommendations for Nominating Committee
Appointee assignment to each house in the next two weeks.
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