[council] ICANN Board Votes to Enhance New gTLDs Competition

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Nov 10 22:57:31 UTC 2010

I was sure that the Bylaws said that also, but all I can find is in 
Section 2: "Except as otherwise defined in these Bylaws, the four 
Stakeholder Groups and the Constituencies will be responsible for 
defining their own charters with the approval of their members and of 
the ICANN Board of Directors."

The RrSG does say "2.1. Eligibility - Only ICANN Accredited 
Registrars are eligible for membership in the Registrar Stakeholder 
Group ("Members"). In keeping with the selective membership criteria 
of other GNSO constituencies, the Registrar Stakeholder Group 
represents the interests of a specific sector, specifically those of 
ICANN Accredited Registrars. Therefore to avoid conflicts of 
interest, this typically excludes entities whose primary relationship 
with ICANN is as a TLD Registry Operator." but it is not clear how 
one would determine "primary relationship" in the future.

I can find no such prohibition in the RySG charter.

Regardless, if we stick with the current organization (and I am not 
sure anyone has the stomach to change again now), it will be interesting.


At 10/11/2010 04:47 PM, Gomes, Chuck wrote:
>I believe the revised Bylaws GNSO provisions require that someone 
>may not vote in more than one SG or Constituency.
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>The old Bylaws said that an organization could be a member of more 
>than one Constituency. I would have sworn that the new Bylaws 
>explicitly said that you could not participate in multiple SG and 
>had to choose, but I cannot find that clause there. Is there a rule 
>in either SG charter about multiple memberships??
>At 10/11/2010 02:18 AM, Adrian Kinderis wrote:
>So what happens to the Contracted Party house? Did they think of that? ;)
>Adrian Kinderis
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