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Thanks Wolf for submitting these questions in advance.


Olga/Stéphane - I encourage you to respond to the questions on this list in advance of the Council meeting if possible.




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I've 2 questions to both candidates:


1.	I'd appreciate a statement from regarding action item 1. from our last call (prioritization, see attached). Which specific efforts do you have in mind in order to strengthen the council's ability and effectiveness in organizing its work?
2.	With respect to the fact that the board recently took decision on VI without having received a specific council recommendation: which measures do you have in mind to avoid the council's position in the policy development process becoming more and more weakened?

Thanks and regards 



	Please note the following action items from our Council meeting one week ago:

	1.      Assuming we dispense with the prioritization effort, Councilors are encouraged to communicate ideas on the Council mailing list on how to make decisions regarding whether or not to proceed on a project; the aim would be to compile a list of factors that can be used to make choices, and over time develop criteria for choosing projects and work items.

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