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Dear Rosemary,


The problem still rests in the phrase “if priority is agreed”. How to do
that without a method to score relative value among all councilors?


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One other way to prioritise is to work backwards from the available

If we combine this with a process of reviewing progress being made on policy

we get to a practical assessment of what can be done with the resources
available and what priority the Community is indicating by its actions

So for me we need a process of identifying resources and reviewing progress

Issues that outstanding could be reviewed as part of the Strat
Plan/Operations planning process - and if priority is agreed, resources
could be identified and with the possible consequence that some projects may
need to be wound up or deferred..



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Thanks Jaimie, and here's a short recap of what I was saying, as Chuck


- Keep a model-based approach but simplify.

- Council Leadership could play a part in suggesting priority projects to
Council, those suggestions based on model approach.

- Or we could take our thinking "outside the box". One idea: use US Congress
style system of wiping the slate clean at the end of each calendar year.
Others will no doubt have different ideas to suggest as well.




Le 18 nov. 2010 à 13:09, Jaime Wagner - PowerSelf a écrit :



As you asked me to put in writing my thoughts shared during today’s call on
prioritization of GNSO work, here they are.


I would like the Council to consider doing an annual update of the process
brought up by the WG, because of two benefits


1)      Improving general awareness by the Councli members of the work going

2)      A valuable tool for leadership in figuring the degree of consensus
on the relative value of the different projects.


Jaime Wagner

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