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Mon Nov 29 14:53:31 UTC 2010

Among the IPC leadership members from whom I've received input, there is a unanimous preference for option 1 (sending out second ballot on 1 December and closing ballot at end of 7 December).


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As everyone knows, the first round of voting for Council chair will end on Monday, 29 December.  The results will be communicated as soon as possible thereafter.

If neither Olga or Stéphane receive at least 60% of the votes from each house and if the sum of the percent of votes received in each house for one of them is higher than the other, then the GNSO Operating Procedures (GOP) call for a second ballot between the leading candidate and 'none of the above', but do not specify exactly when that second ballot should happen.  Here are two options that I would like feedback on:  1) send out the second ballot on Wednesday, December 1 and close that ballot at the end of Constituency Day on December 7; 2) hold the second ballot in the public Council meeting on 8 December in Cartagena.

Please communicate any preferences you have not later than close of business on Monday, 29 December so that I have some basis for making a decision on this.  To the extent possible in the short time available, please obtain input from your respective groups.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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