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Adrian Kinderis adrian at ausregistry.com.au
Thu Oct 7 09:39:43 UTC 2010

Adrian Kinderis - Registrar Constituency

I am Chief Executive Officer of AusRegistry Group Pty Ltd a company based in Melbourne, Australia and an ICANN accredited Registrar and member of the Registrar Constituency.
The AusRegistry Group of companies includes;

- AusRegistry Pty Ltd which is

*        the Registry Services provider for all second level .au domain names

- AusRegistry International Pty Ltd which is

*        a Registry Consultancy Service

*        a Registry Software and infrastructure provider for ccTLD's (including IDN ccTLD's)

*        a Registry Software and infrastructure provider around new gTLD's (including IDN gTLD's)

*        AusRegistry International currently has no plans to apply for any new gTLD's as a gTLD applicant (In other words there is no real change to our underlying business model - of providing technology services for Domain Name Registries and Registration)

I hold the position of Director in all companies above.

None of the companies within the AusRegistry Group are affiliated with any current gTLD Registry operator with the exception of AusRegistry Pty Ltd of which Afilias has a minority shareholding.
I am not in possession of any gTLD Registry proprietary or sensitive information, nor have I ever been. I am not an officer, director, consultant, or employee of any other member of this Constituency or any other ICANN Constituency. I like to collect butterflies.

Adrian Kinderis

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