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William Drake william.drake at graduateinstitute.ch
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Hi Adrian

On Oct 7, 2010, at 11:50 AM, Adrian Kinderis wrote:

> Hells Bells.
> Sorry folks. That is my Declaration of Interest.
> I believe it holds true for the upcoming meeting as most topics are on new gTLD’s.
> P.S. What is the point of all this? How would a DOI differ on a meeting to meeting basis from a SOI?

5.1 says an SOI pertains to "the Relevant Party's judgment, any matters to be considered by the GNSO Group" [sic], whereas a DOI pertains to "the Relevant Party's judgment on a specific issue,"  which presumably does not fall within the scope of "any matters"…(?)

> What is the penalty should I not do a DOI?

5.6 Failure to Comply only addresses an SOI, which is to be provided "prior to the start of a GNSO meeting"…(?)

Probably I'm missing something, but in retrospect the language may have merited more discussion prior to approving the motion…



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> Adrian Kinderis - Registrar Constituency
> I am Chief Executive Officer of AusRegistry Group Pty Ltd a company based in Melbourne, Australia and an ICANN accredited Registrar and member of the Registrar Constituency.
> The AusRegistry Group of companies includes;
> - AusRegistry Pty Ltd which is
> ·        the Registry Services provider for all second level .au domain names
> - AusRegistry International Pty Ltd which is
> ·        a Registry Consultancy Service
> ·        a Registry Software and infrastructure provider for ccTLD’s (including IDN ccTLD’s)
> ·        a Registry Software and infrastructure provider around new gTLD’s (including IDN gTLD’s)
> ·        AusRegistry International currently has no plans to apply for any new gTLD’s as a gTLD applicant (In other words there is no real change to our underlying business model - of providing technology services for Domain Name Registries and Registration)
> I hold the position of Director in all companies above.
> None of the companies within the AusRegistry Group are affiliated with any current gTLD Registry operator with the exception of AusRegistry Pty Ltd of which Afilias has a minority shareholding.
> I am not in possession of any gTLD Registry proprietary or sensitive information, nor have I ever been. I am not an officer, director, consultant, or employee of any other member of this Constituency or any other ICANN Constituency. I like to collect butterflies.
> Adrian Kinderis

William J. Drake
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 Development Studies
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