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Adrian Kinderis adrian at ausregistry.com.au
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Thanks Bruce. Very firm. I like it.

However, it is all in how you look at it.

The staff can certainly put something forward that they may consider "final" and yes the Board may not approve it. However, the staff could still have thought that they were "final".

My question was to Kurt, and therefore staff, in that, does he believe that the next version will be the one they expect the Board to sign off on or will it be sent back for public comment.

A legitimate question given staff's history of announcing that they expect future drafts every time they have released one.

A response would be appreciated.

Adrian Kinderis

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Hello Adrian,

>>  Does that mean there will be others and the next won't be "final"?

It will be final when the Board approves it.  Until then it is always a

Bruce Tonkin

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