[council] FW: Letter from the Registries Stakeholder Group

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Mon Oct 11 04:31:39 UTC 2010

Hello Chuck,

Just a quite response that the creation of the Data and Consumer
Protection Working Group is separate from the issues of WHOIS.

The Data and Consumer Protection Working group has only met informally
over breakfast so far, and from my perspective the purpose is to
identify a set of issues relating to registry data for further
consideration by the community - rather than to "create" any policies.
WHOIS wasn't discussed.

With respect to the text: "Searchable Whois: Refer to the Board Data
Consumer Protection Working Group to study issues and provide
information to the Board relating to access and privacy to develop
recommendations for possible inclusion in the forthcoming version of the
applicant guidebook."   The wording could be better.  The Board is
asking the newly formed group to study the issues, but I am not yet
clear what recommendations could emerge.  Your letter is timely in this

I agreed to be a member of the working group - partly to ensure that it
doesn't stray too far from identifying issues for further work (e.g
creating an issues report with appropriate facts for discussion in the
community), rather than creating policy on the fly at the Board level

Bruce Tonkin

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