[council] FW: Scheduling request - ICANN TLG discussion

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Tue Oct 12 02:04:19 UTC 2010

Please note that I have asked to participate in an interview for the
independent review of the ICANN TLG.  If anyone has any input regarding
this that you would like me to communicate, please let me know this


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Subject: Scheduling request - ICANN TLG discussion


JAS Communications LLC has been engaged to perform the independent
review of the TLG and has been tasked to deliver a final report prior to
the ICANN meeting in Cartagena.  We would like to set a time for a
telephonic interview with you in the next two weeks to discuss your
opinions, observations, and experiences with the TLG.

To facilitate scheduling, please respond with three dates in the time
slots below when you have 30 minutes of availability.  We will confirm
the appointment within 24 hours.

Monday thru Friday:       1100 - 1400 UTC
Monday and Thursday: 2000 - 2300 UTC

During our interview, we are interested in: (1) understanding the
historical operations and impact of the TLG; (2) the role the TLG plays
in the relationship between ICANN, ETSI, ITU, W3C, and IAB; and (3) your
thoughts on how to improve the TLG in the future.  Please consider these
questions prior to our appointment, and please feel at ease during our
conversation as all discussions are confidential and data are presented
without attribution.

Furthermore, please be aware that we will be opening an online survey in
October and will invite your participation in that forum as well.
Finally, we invite comments by email at any time by anyone with opinions
or experiences about the TLG.  Please email
tlg-review at jascommunications.com.  Please feel free to share with the

We recognize this is a very tight timeline and we sincerely appreciate
your willingness to accommodate scheduling prior to 24-Sept.  Please
feel free to reach out to us or to our ICANN Liaison Olof Nordling with
questions or comments about the review process.  Please also note that a
web page has been established for Organizational Review matters at

Thank you,
Jeff Schmidt<jschmidt at jascommunications.com>
William Yang<wyang at jascommunications.com> 
JAS Communications LLC

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