[council] UPDATED: Voting Remedies Procedural Map & Abstention Notification Form

Ken Bour ken.bour at verizon.net
Wed Oct 27 21:53:57 UTC 2010

To:      GNSO Councilors

Stakeholder Group and Constituency Leaders


The topic of Voting Remedies (i.e. abstentions, absences, and vacancies) is
currently Item #5 on the GNSO Council agenda scheduled for 28 October 2010
and Ray Fassett, GCOT Chair, has been invited to participate.   


In preparation for this discussion, I wanted to inform you that we have made
several improvements (outlined below) to both the Voting Remedies Visual Map
and the online Abstention Notification Form based upon feedback received.   


Visual Map (http://gnso.icann.org/council/visual-procedures-map-en.htm) 

1)      Changed title to “Voting Remedies: Abstentions, Absences, and

2)      Removed a redundant step in the Planned Absence structure (per
Chuck’s suggestion). 

3)      Added larger Email Icons to indicate where sample message contents
are provided and located them to the right side of each block for
consistency with the Note icons.   

4)      All of the pop-up text is now available to be copied/pasted to
simplify creating an Email message using the sample message contents. 

5)      Repositioned sections to enable the addition of flow arrows to make
it easier to follow the procedure.  


Abstention Notification Form

1)      Changed several field labels to include the word “Officer” to make
clear who completes this form. 

2)      Reordered the fields based upon feedback (e.g. moved “Officer Email
Address” to top section).

3)      Added conditional logic to the form so that, once a particular
voting remedy is selected, only the appropriate fields appear.  


The above changes are intended to make the procedures map and the online
form easier to understand, follow, and execute.   


I thank those who provided constructive feedback in helping to make these
tools more useful to the GNSO community.   I also thank our responsive ICANN
Web-Admin team for their flexibility and creativity in implementing the
above design enhancements.  


For those SGs and Constituencies that have yet to take advantage of the
offer, Staff remains available to provide a tutorial on the new Voting
Remedies including the procedures map and online form.  


Ken Bour



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