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As you know, the Council is tasked with managing the policy development
process.  In that context it seems to me that there are elements of
ICANN staffing that are relevant to what the Council does.  In my
opinion policy development involves following up on the implementation
of policies as well as on their ultimate success or failure and
improving them over time, all of which  can be impacted by ICANN's


When we start talking about staff turnover though, there is risk of
treading into confidential personnel information, so there is reason for
caution.  Therefore I think it is critical that we stay at a high level
and avoid talking about specific personnel and specific personnel




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Quick question.


Is it the Council's place or business to question the status of staffing


I may be reading this wrong but there seems to have been a spike in
staff turnover in the last 12 months. 


I could be wrong and this could simply be a case of normal activity but
it causes some concern to me when we have a particularly important 12
months. I am sure we would all like to ensure that ICANN is
appropriately staffed, with talented and importantly, DNS experienced
people to progress the strategic plan and that the existing staff are
supported and managed through this stressful period.


As I say, I am not sure it is our place to question or comment. 


Perhaps we could notify our representatives on the Board that we believe
it to be an issue, if indeed we deem it to be one?




Adrian Kinderis



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