[council] Re: Joint ccNSO/GNSO IDN Working Group (JIG)

Rafik Dammak rafik.dammak at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 18:20:56 UTC 2011

2011/4/14 Neuman, Jeff <Jeff.Neuman at neustar.us>

> Rafik,
> As much as I love being told I am “incoherent”, I have to admit I don’t
> understand your response.  Literally, I have no idea what you are trying to
> say.

I said "incoherent position" that is quite different than calling you
"incoherent". just for clarification.

>   If you recall during the Council meeting, I wanted to remove the words
> “forward to the Board” from the resolution in this case, because the ccNSO
> had not yet had a chance to weigh in on it.  I was afraid that they may not
> agree with everything and if they did not, then we would have to work things
> out with the ccNSO to ensure consistency. Once we had a report that we could
> both support, only then should we forward to the Board.  To do otherwise
> would be for the GNSO to forward 1 version of the report, the ccNSO would
> forward another version, and somehow we would expect the Board to resolve
> the differences.   To me, that seems unworkable and contrary to bottom-up
> policy making.
and how we will fix that? it is deadlock otherwise we are prioritizing the
response of SO than other .

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