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Jonathan Robinson jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com
Wed Apr 20 19:09:40 UTC 2011



Based on the rationalisation outlined below, I would like to propose that
Council further defers consideration of the WHOIS Registrant Identification
Study i.e. that the motion be amended as follows:


"Council defers consideration of the WHOIS Registrant Identification Study
until the 9 June 2011 meeting and requests that any applicable motions in
that regard be submitted not later than 1 June 2011."


The rationale for further delay is that the small working group of
volunteers has met twice recently to discuss the Whois Study #2, the WHOIS
Registrant Identification Study.  The intention was to have a revised Study
2 proposal for Council consideration in the 28 April meeting.  They
anticipated making revisions to reduce presumptively negative terminology
while retaining the original study design to prove/disprove a hypothesis
that natural persons were using privacy/proxy while also engaging in
commercial activities.  But the discussion revealed more extensive questions
about study 2:

.         First, they believe that the present Study 2 proposal could be
easily amended to answer all four registrant identification questions posed
by the GAC in their April-2008 recommendations. 

.         Second, they believe that the objective and results of Study 2 can
be improved to generate broader and deeper analysis that would provide
needed context for GNSO and ICANN in future work on these issues. 

Their goal will be to submit Study 2 recommendations to the Council not
later than 1 June, in time for the 9 June Council meeting.  

This delay should not have any impact on Studies 3 & 4, which are under
consideration in the motion that is to be acted on April 28.   

Best wishes,





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