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Yes, friendly.


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Yes, friendly


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> John, Debbie, do you consider these friendly?
> Stéphane
> Le 20 avr. 2011 à 21:09, Jonathan Robinson a écrit :
> All,
> Based on the rationalisation outlined below, I would like to propose that Council further defers consideration of the WHOIS Registrant Identification Study i.e. that the motion be amended as follows:
> �Council defers consideration of the WHOIS Registrant Identification Study until the 9 June 2011 meeting and requests that any applicable motions in that regard be submitted not later than 1 June 2011.�
> The rationale for further delay is that the small working group of volunteers has met twice recently to discuss the Whois Study #2, the WHOIS Registrant Identification Study.  The intention was to have a revised Study 2 proposal for Council consideration in the 28 April meeting.  They anticipated making revisions to reduce presumptively negative terminology while retaining the original study design to prove/disprove a hypothesis that natural persons were using privacy/proxy while also engaging in commercial activities.  But the discussion revealed more extensive questions about study 2:
> ·         First, they believe that the present Study 2 proposal could be easily amended to answer all four registrant identification questions posed by the GAC in their April-2008 recommendations.
> ·         Second, they believe that the objective and results of Study 2 can be improved to generate broader and deeper analysis that would provide needed context for GNSO and ICANN in future work on these issues. 
> Their goal will be to submit Study 2 recommendations to the Council not later than 1 June, in time for the 9 June Council meeting. 
> This delay should not have any impact on Studies 3 & 4, which are under consideration in the motion that is to be acted on April 28.  
> Best wishes,
> Jonathan

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